In this time of crisis, when we are confronted daily with horrible news from around the world, we feel small and powerless. But we believe that films can not only entertain and move, but also encourage change. Films can build bridges and promote solidarity. Courageous filmmakers create spaces for dialogue, empathy and hope. That is why we are happy to announce the 16th edition of this human world! As per tradition, the opening night will be hosted at the Gartenbaukino on November 30th.

In this announcement, we aim to introduce you to this year’s edition of this human world, providing an overview of this year’s sujet and our thematic sections. Additionally, we’ll offer you a sneak peek into our program, featuring the first movies to be showcased at this human world 2023!

This year’s sujet addresses the topic of water. A symbol of life, vitality, renewal, and purification, it is „The Blood of the Planet“, as Leonardo da Vinci aptly described it. However, it can also become a disaster when it becomes scarce or overflows and does not remain balanced. Perspectives through water reflect, confuse, blur, show us the world in a unique, surreal way, and mirror emotions and thoughts. Reflections enable us to change perception and invite the viewer to look beyond the obvious.

Photographed by Felix Vratny. Styled by Julia Trybula. Trailer coming soon!

Mit dem diesjährigen Sujet/Plakat und Trailer setzt sich this human world mit dem Thema Wasser auseinander. Wasser ist eines der vier Elemente, aus denen unsere Welt besteht. Ein Symbol des Lebens, der Lebenskraft, der Erneuerung und der Reinigung, das „Das Blut des Planeten“, wie Leonardo da Vinci das Element treffend beschrieben hat kann auch zum Verhängnis werden, sobald es knapp wird oder überfließt, nicht im Gleichgewicht bleibt. Nach der babylonischen Weltschöpfungsgeschichte ging die Erde aus einem Wasserchaos hervor. Droht sie heute auf Grund des Klimawandels, in einem zu versinken oder zu vertrocknen? Perspektiven durch Wasser verspiegeln, verwirren, verschwimmen, zeigen uns die Welt auf eine einzigartige, surreale Weise und reflektieren Emotionen und Gedanken. Spiegelungen ermöglichen es, die Wahrnehmung zu verändern und den Betrachter dazu einzuladen, über das Offensichtliche hinauszublicken.

Für die Plakat-Fotos konnten wir auch heuer wieder den Wiener Fotografen Felix Vratny gewinnen.

Nach seinem Abschluss an der Graphischen (Kolleg Fotografie) erweiterte Felix seine Kenntnisse bei einem Praktikum in New York (Buero New York). Seither ist er selbstständig tätig und hat sich auf zeitgenössische Portraits und Werbefotografie fokussiert.


Over ten days, we will present to you over 90 features films, documentaries and short films dealing with human rights. The films will be presented in six cinemas across Vienna: Next to our main locations Top Kino and Schikaneder, we will also host screenings in Gartenbaukino, Stadtkino, Stand 129 and, for the first time, Breitenseer Lichtspiele. To enrich the festival experience we offer a carefully selected supporting program as well as a nightline.

This year’s films will be presented in one of 8 thematic sections covering a wide range of human rights topics. To ensure that we can offer an unbiased view into these topics, three of our sections are externally curated by experts in the respective fields. Selected films are competing in one of 4 competitions.

Thematic Sections
The Context of Truth: Ukraine curated by Olga Birzul
Continent in Focus: Africa curated by Faai Irene Estelle Hochauer-Kpoda
Jin-Jiyan-Azadi (Women-Life-Freedom): Iran curated by Anna Mago
Political Suppression – Then and Now
Feminist Perspectives
Changing Environment
Working Realities

International Competition
Up-and-Coming Competition
Austrian Competition
exp:an:ded shorts Competition

20 Days in Mariupol

Mstyslav Chernov / 2023 / UA / 94 Min / OmeU
Ukraine’s entry for the Oscars reveals the fate of Ukrainian journalists trapped in the embattled port city of Mariupol. As the last international voices on the ground, they document the atrocities of the Russian invasion. A gripping insight into courageous war reporting and the journalism that portrays a besieged country.

My Worst Enemy

Mehran Tamadon / 2023 / FR/CH / 81 Min / OmeU
Director Mehran Tamadon embarks on a journey to understand the incomprehensible. He invites formerly incarcerated dissidents from Iran to participate in an experiment: he asks them to subject him to the same kind of interrogation techniques employed by the agents of the Islamic Republic within Iranian prisons. An intense and controversial documentary that provides deep insights into the psychological consequences of torture.

Grasshopper Republic

Daniel McCabe / 2023 / US / 93 Min / OmeU
Deep in the forests of Uganda, millions of grasshoppers congregate in devastating swarms while a group of young men set up a peculiar contraption on the outskirts of crop fields to harvest this prized delicacy. Over the course of three seasons, the film presents a captivating portrayal of the intersection between humanity and nature through striking visuals.

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