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The official selection of the 55th KVIFF, which takes place from 20 to 28 August, 2021, features 32 premieres. The films will make their bow in the fest’s two competitions and Special Screenings section. Karlovy Vary will also celebrate the work of The Film Foundation via an extensive tribute.

In 2019, the festival adjusted the structure of its official selection by axing the documentary competition. The 2021 edition will formally see the updated version of the fest come into reality after the cancellation of last year’s edition. Feature-length documentaries are now, for the first time, incorporated into the two existing competitions – the Crystal Globe Competition and East of the West Competition – both previously restricted to fiction features only.
Exclusive premieres and sneak previews of foreign and Czech films will continue to be presented in the Special Screenings section. The programming team has chosen eight diverse titles to spotlight.

Heading the Special Screenings selection is the festival’s opening film, ZÁTOPEK, David Ondříček’s highly anticipated drama about four-time Olympic gold medalist, the runner Emil Zátopek, who is widely regarded as the most popular athlete in Czech Republic’s history. The film will premiere on August 20, 2021 in the Hotel Thermal Grand Hall on the opening night gala.

This year’s sole retrospective is a tribute to the celebrated work of The Film Foundation. Established in 1990 by Martin Scorsese, the non-profit organization is dedicated to protecting and preserving motion picture history, restoring to date over 900 classic works of cinema as well as less-known masterpieces from around the world. Ten carefully selected films produced between 1932 and 1991 and traversing the U.S., Côte d’Ivoire, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Taiwan, and Morocco comprise what is the central program of the 2021 edition. KVIFF’s non-competitive programs, an assortment of some of the most notable films shown in 2020 and 2021 as chosen by the programming team, will be announced two weeks prior to 55th Karlovy Vary IFF’s starting date. KVIFF Eastern Promises Industry Days unveils 29 selected film projects showcased in the platform’s various strands: Works in Progress, Works in Development – Feature Launch, and First Cut+ Works. The event will take place entirely online between July 28 and August. This year’s winners will receive awards of a total value of 115.000 EUR.

Atlas ptáků / Bird Atlas
Director: Olmo Omerzu
Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, 2021, 92 min, World premiere
An ageing proprietor of a technology company (Miroslav Donutil) has dedicated his whole life to his work, so it comes as a big blow when things suddenly start to fall apart at the seams. Olmo Omerzu’s new film relies on persuasive character acting and his special brand of gentle irony to demonstrate that, in order to preserve our dignity, we occasionally need to lose face in the eyes of others.

Boiling Point / Boiling Point
Director: Philip Barantini
United Kingdom, 2020, 94 min, World premiere
The shift has hardly begun for head chef Andy and he’s already behind with everything. His restaurant is overbooked, there’s a disgruntled inspector combing the kitchen and, if that weren’t enough, a culinary icon and a respected food critic have turned up for dinner. Via a single, continuous shot, we are launched into what proves to be a very hectic evening… The superb Stephen Graham takes the lead role in a British film about anyone who’s ever been stressed out at work and got themselves into a stew.

Ezmûn / The Exam
Director: Shawkat Amin Korki
Germany, Iraq, Qatar, 2021, 89 min, World premiere
If Rojin doesn’t pass the university entrance exam, she will have to go through with an arranged marriage. If she does get in, she will be free. This is the pronouncement of her father, the head of the family. Rojin’s older sister Shilan tries to help her as best she can, yet every well-meant action draws the young woman deeper into a web of deceit and lies. An absorbing drama and daring probe into the theme of a woman’s right to her own life.

Guerres / Wars
Director: Nicolas Roy
Canada, 2021, 84 min, World premiere
When Emma turns twenty, she decides to join the army. Not only does she want to follow in her father’s footsteps, but she also yearns to rid herself of an oppressive sense of existential emptiness. Although the army’s harsh discipline helps her break free, she slowly discovers that she cannot suppress all her emotions in this male society.

Každá minuta života / Every Single Minute
Director: Erika Hníková
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, 2021, 80 min, World premiere
The Hanuliaks, a couple from Slovakia, have decided to bring up their son according to Kamevéda, a complex approach to developing the child’s motor abilities and intellect. Unique in its depth of focus, this reflection on child-rearing documents a year in the life of four-year-old Miško, where not a minute is wasted since there is no room for boredom and moments of rest are merely preparation for the next achievement.

Láska pod kapotou / At Full Throttle
Director: Miro Remo
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, 2021, 85 min, World premiere
Fifty-something former miner Jaroslav has always dreamt of a career as a race car driver. In a congenial and jovial manner, he represents not only the charms and struggles (especially economic) of southeastern Moravia, but also the ever more visible chasm between city and countryside. An uncommonly charismatic portrait of a man struggling with the traumas of the past who, with disarming directness, clings to the promise of good luck and a dignified life alongside a new partner.

Nö / Nö
Director: Dietrich Brüggemann
Germany, 2021, 119 min, World premiere
Isn’t the trajectory of a shared life determined in advance? Get married, have kids, be like everyone else… According to Dietrich Brüggemann, who competed in Vary six years ago, 30-somethings conceivably have it all, yet they fail in their attempts to achieve their set ideals. Nö delivers a critique of contemporary values, while also highlighting the struggle to find and nurture love.

Le Prince / Le Prince
Director: Lisa Bierwirth
Germany, 2021, 125 min, World premiere
Perhaps they should never have met, but fate wanted otherwise. Monika and Joseph. She is a curator, he is an immigrant from Congo, a businessman with an unclear past and present. They meet during a police raid at a bar, when the first of many sparks flies between them. An understated love story, a melodrama without pathos, a fragile story about the ambiguous nature of love and the impossibility of overcoming it through reason.

Strahinja Banović / As Far as I Can Walk
Director: Stefan Arsenijević
Serbia, France, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Lithuania, 2021, 92 min, World premiere
Strahinja and his wife Ababuo left Ghana with a dream of a better life in Europe. Instead of reaching the western part of the continent, they were deported back to Serbia. Strahinja has started to build himself a career, while Ababuo is unable to fulfil her ambitions and she feels increasingly frustrated. When she disappears one day, Strahinja sets out to find her… A crystal clear, humanistic story about the need to find one’s place in the world. It’s also a tale of love, the most profound testimony of which might also be the most painful.

La terra dei figli / The Land of the Sons
Director: Claudio Cupellini
Italy, 2021, 118 min, International premiere
Civilisation is coming to an end. The death of his only relative gives a feral boy the pretext to journey beyond the confines of his home environment; only by doing this will he be able to decipher his father’s journal, the most valuable artefact in his legacy. This singular contribution to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi genre tells of a humanity in crisis, while at the same time conveying the adventurous spirit of adolescence.

Zbornica / The Staffroom
Director: Sonja Tarokić
Croatia, 2021, 126 min, World premiere
Anamarija starts her job as a counsellor at a new school. Together with her, the viewers begin to appreciate what kind of people the staffroom teachers are, they witness the petty conflicts and also uncover the power games that go on behind the scenes. This self-assured debut from Sonja Tarokić about the individual’s struggle within the system and the sheer effort required to preserve one’s integrity, also presents a complex study of an institution whose employees have taken on one of the most responsible roles an adult can have – to educate future generations.

Zpráva o záchraně mrtvého / Saving One Who Was Dead
Director: Václav Kadrnka
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, France, 2021, 90 min, World premiere
After a serious stroke, the Father goes into a coma. The Mother (Zuzana Mauréry) and the Son (Vojtěch Dyk) are suddenly confronted with a motionless body; the doctors do not give them much hope. Four years on from Karlovy Vary’s graceful ride Little Crusader, Václav Kadrnka invites us on a spiritual journey to places man is seldom permitted to enter since, here, life huddles up tightly to death and only the resurrected can return.

E A S T O F T H E W E S T – C O M P E T I T I O N

Bliscy / Dear Ones
Director: Grzegorz Jaroszuk
Poland, Czech Republic, 2021, 74 min, World premiere
Piotr’s father, whom he hasn’t seen for ages, calls him out of the blue and asks him to pay a visit. When he tells Piotr and his sister that their mother has gone missing without a word, the members of this estranged family start searching for her and, along the way, find out all sorts of weird stuff… Employing outlandish and, at times, absurd humour, Grzegorz Jaroszuk examines the theme of loneliness and conveys how difficult or even impossible it is to communicate with other people, particularly our nearest and dearest.

Bėgikė / Runner
Director: Andrius Blaževičius
Lithuania, Czech Republic, 2021, 87 min, World premiere
When Marija learns that her boyfriend, who has had another of his psychotic episodes, has disappeared from their home, she runs into the streets of the city in order to find him and hopefully prevent a tragedy. Andrius Blaževičius’s dynamic drama, set over the course of 24 hours, explores the subjects of love and freedom. Marija is played with vital energy by the actress Žygimantė Elena Jakštaitė, who was chosen for the prestigious Shooting Stars program at this year’s Berlinale.

Jednotka intenzivního života / Intensive Life Unit
Director: Adéla Komrzý
Czech Republic, 2021, 73 min, World premiere
Even though doctors Ondřej and Kateřina look after their patients to the best of their ability, they can’t prevent their death. As heads of palliative care at Prague’s General University Hospital they face the inevitability of the end on a daily basis. Yet what perhaps makes their job harder is the myriad options now open to them to prolong human life – and this at a time when death has become a social taboo. Betraying her special brand of empathy, documentarist Adéla Komrzý demonstrates that, while there’s no good or bad way to die, there’s always a means to improve patients’ quality of life.

Koreni / Roots
Director: Tea Lukač
Serbia, 2021, 80 min, World premiere
A silent landscape flashes past the windows of a moving car conveying different sets of passengers. The conversations veer towards such diverse themes as carol-singing, nuclear waste, and the dangers of hornets’ nests. Tea Lukač’s anthropological probe gets by with a minimum of cinematic devices in order to deliver a focused study of the phenomena of memory, history and tradition.

Külön falka / Wild Roots
Director: Hajni Kis
Hungary, Slovak Republic, 2021, 98 min, World premiere
Tibor and Niki, father and daughter. The young girl was only five years old when they last saw each other, before Tibor was sent to prison. He is released seven years later and tries not to think about the past. Yet he can’t erase his daughter from his life and so they are compelled to start over from the beginning. Both are irresistibly charismatic, headstrong and irascible, but also determined to find a way back to one another.

Marťanské lodě / Two Ships
Director: Jan Foukal
Czech Republic, Norway, 2021, 76 min, World premiere
Eliška (Eliška Křenková) meets Martin (Martin Kyšperský) at a birthday party and then invites him to one of her lectures. They clearly hit it off right from the start and, with Brno serving primarily as a backdrop, their romantic adventure begins to gather momentum… A lyrical film which prompts us to consider whether we can really know and understand another human being, and whether love itself is enough.

Nuuccha / Nuuccha
Director: Vladimir Munkuev
Russia, 2021, 107 min, World premiere
An impoverished Yakut couple have just buried their newborn child and they are now preparing for the harsh winter ahead. When the local governor instructs them to take in a Russian political prisoner, they have no choice but to comply. The foreigner’s presence, however, encroaches upon their lives more than they had anticipated… This evocative drama is a noteworthy example of Yakut cinema, while it also contributes significantly to the debate on the impact of colonisation and the forced assimilation of nations within tsarist Russia.

Otar’s Death / Otar’s Death
Director: Ioseb „Soso“ Bliadze
Georgia, Germany, Lithuania, 2021, 106 min, World premiere
Two families, each facing its own existential difficulties, are brought together by an unfortunate event. For one family, the accident has a fatal impact; for the other, it becomes an opportunity for a better life. The film’s careful exploration of all the participants’ perspectives culminates in a meditation on human morals while not shying away from a tragicomic tone.

Patchwork / Patchwork
Director: Petros Charalambous
Cyprus, Israel, Slovenia, 2021, 86 min, World premiere
Chara’s family is everything to her, and yet she sometimes ponders a life without them. When she strikes up a hesitant friendship with a young girl, she is inexorably forced to confront a painful past and to answer a burning question: Is motherhood a natural state of boundless love and caring, or is it an ideal imposed by society?

Poslije zime / After the Winter
Director: Ivan Bakrač
Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, 2021, 101 min, World premiere
Five childhood friends from a small Montenegrin town have gradually moved away to different corners of the former Yugoslavia, yet they remain in contact, aware that their long-time friendship continues to play a fundamental role in their lives. In his inspired debut, director Ivan Bakrač delivers a spirited testimony of the young post-war generation, who still have the shadow of the past hanging over them.

Sestri / Sisterhood
Director: Dina Duma
North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, 2021, 90 min, World premiere
The friendship of two adolescent girls is threatened the moment they have to face the dire repercussions of their manipulative behaviour. The film is set in the teen community, for whom amassing followers on social media is more important than cultivating genuine relationships. In her subtle debut the director adopts an authentic approach to capture the formative moments of youth, which teach us to accept responsibility for our actions.

Zrcadla ve tmě / Mirrors in the Dark
Director: Šimon Holý
Czech Republic, 2021, 84 min, World premiere
Supposedly, all it takes is 36 questions and you’ll fall in love with anyone. Marie (Alena Doláková), a dancer who has just turned thirty, and her boyfriend František decide to check out this scientific theory for themselves. Yet can we rely on our love for other people if we don’t even know ourselves? A supremely contemporary view of 30-something individuals trying to navigate the way ahead.


Années 20 / Roaring 20’s
Director: Elisabeth Vogler
France, 2021, 90 min, European premiere
One day, one city, one continuous shot. Experience Paris in the summer, where life keeps going, even during the pandemic. A city filled with summer love, important life decisions, and unexpected games of chess.

Brighton 4th / Brighton 4th
Director: Levan Koguashvili
Georgia, Russia, Bulgaria, USA, Monaco, 2021, 95 min, European premiere
When former wrestling champion Kakhi learns that his son Soso has gotten himself into difficulties, he travels from Georgia to New York to help him… Profoundly melancholic, infused with tragicomic moments, and characterized by a sense of understanding for its protagonists, Koguashvili’s film captures the bond between a father and his adult son, an ancient bond in which the older man will always feel the need to protect his blood, no matter what the circumstances.

Moje slunce Mad / My Sunny Maad
Director: Michaela Pavlátová
Czech Republic, France, Slovak Republic, 2021, 81 min, International premiere
Getting married is always a big step, but for Helena it marks a fundamental change in her life. She leaves Prague behind and moves with Nazir to Kabul, where she becomes part of a family she has never met. The new world brings much joy, but also difficulties that a European married to an Afghan man must overcome.

O slavnosti a hostech / The Party and the Guests
Director: Jan Němec
Czechoslovakia, 1966, 71 min
Countless parables exist on power and its devastating impact, but only rarely does the focus include the opposing side: not just the victims but also the henchmen, opportunists, informers, lame cowards and, simply, people who lack their own opinions. Never had they been so precisely identified until Jan Němec made this film.

Podezření / Suspicion
Director: Michal Blaško
Czech Republic, France, 2022, 68 min, World premiere
Nurse Hana Kučerová never smiles and she treats her patients poorly. When a patient dies under suspicious circumstances, the public, the media, the police, and her colleagues are clear as to who is guilty…. A mini-series inspired by real events that doesn’t try to place blame, but instead seeks to identify the difference between truth and mere semblance. The first part of the trilogy will be screened at KVIFF in its exclusive world premiere.

Rekonstrukce okupace / Reconstruction of Occupation
Director: Jan Šikl
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, 2021, 95 min, World premiere
Documentary filmmaker Jan Šikl has spent many years seeking out and collecting private film archives. In this way, he came across several hours of footage showing the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. Exactly fifty-three years later, on August 21, 2021, historical memory awakens from a long slumber with this reconstruction of the occupation, a cinematic adventure of a truly archeological nature.

Sny o toulavých kočkách / Dreams About Stray Cats
Director: David Sís
Czech Republic, USA, France, 2020, 96 min, World premiere
“Do you know what I’ve always wanted to find out, brother? Where do you get your ideas for your drawings?” director David Sís asks his older brother Petr at the beginning of the film. He doesn’t get an answer right away, but perhaps it can be found in this documentary that, with great care, traces the highly successful career of a talented and multifaceted artist whose work crosses generational and geographic boundaries.

Zátopek / Zátopek
Director: David Ondříček
Czech Republic, 2021, 131 min, World premiere
David Ondříček’s fascinating drama presents the life of the famous Czech endurance runner and Olympic champion Emil Zátopek, a man who, with impressive nonchalance, pushed the boundaries of human possibilities and took his place alongside other greats who transformed athletic competitions into unforgettable stories.

As part of its celebration of the return of cinema following last year’s temporary halt, the 55th KVIFF is delighted to celebrate the work of The Film Foundation (TFF) with a retrospective of movies restored by the renowned organization. Established in 1990 by Martin Scorsese, the non-profit is dedicated to protecting and preserving motion picture history, restoring to date over 900 classic works of cinema and hidden masterpieces from around the world.

This retrospective – the central program of the 2021 edition – is closely connected to KVIFF’s long-standing support of the preservation of Czechoslovak film patrimony; an impassioned journey that began a decade ago with the restoration of František Vláčil’s masterwork, Marketa Lazarová.

Ten carefully selected films produced between 1932 and 1991 and traversing the U.S., Côte d’Ivoire, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Taiwan and Morocco comprise our retrospective – a wide-ranging program that offers a glimpse of the scope and breadth of TFF’s exemplary work, which includes films preserved through TFF’s World Cinema Project (WCP) and African Film Heritage Project (created in partnership with UNESCO, the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (FEPACI) and the Cineteca di Bologna). The retrospective ranges from the groundbreaking American independent film A Woman
Under the Influence
(1974, d. John Cassavetes); to the long-unavailable Asian masterwork A Brighter Summer Day (1991, d. Edward Yang); to a rare gem from Côte d’Ivoire The Woman with the Knife (1969, d. Timité Bassori), and many more.

“After being unable to gather together in theaters for over a year, I’m thrilled that The Film Foundation is partnering with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival to present 10 restorations to audiences on the big screen,” said TFF founder and chair Martin Scorsese. “This is an incredible selection that encapsulates the diversity of the films that have been restored through our support, spanning every era, genre and region. My sincere thanks to the Karlovy Vary team for making this program possible and for highlighting the work of The Film Foundation.”

Collectively, the films in this program show the impact TFF has had on global film culture over the past three decades by presenting classic cinema to new generations, while also illustrating its dedication to discovering and promoting lesser-known works to film lovers the world over. Through this program, KVIFF and The Film Foundation aim to celebrate the richness of film history and world cinema, and what better way to celebrate TFF’s work than sharing this remarkable group of films with our returning audience this summer.

„The passion Martin Scorsese has tirelessly exhibited in his work with The Film Foundation
is a passion that informs our work at Karlovy Vary; a passion we’re honored to share with
the American master; and a passion we’re now thrilled to share with our audience,“
KVIFF’s artistic director Karel Och and executive director Kryštof Mucha.


Alyam, alyam / Oh the Days!
Director: Ahmed El Maanouni
Morocco, 1978, 80 min
Celebrated Moroccan filmmaker El Maanouni’s first feature is a searing portrait of an heir of a rural family torn between his domestic duties and his dreams of leaving for the city for a better, different future. Raw and uncompromising, El Maanouni’s trailblazing documentary paved the way for the subsequent wave of realism that would shake up Arab cinema.

The Breaking Point / The Breaking Point
Director: Michael Curtiz
USA, 1950, 97 min
Michael Curtiz’s somber, restrained rendition of Ernest Hemingway’s To Have and Have Not conjures up the true spirit of the novel. John Garfield plays a former wartime naval officer who gets entangled in illicit trafficking. The noir cloak barely conceals what is essentially an affecting character study of a man coming to terms with the fact that his life didn’t turn out as he imagined.

El fantasma del convento / The Phantom of the Convent
Director: Fernando de Fuentes
Mexico, 1934, 85 min
Widely considered the first great Mexican horror, this spine-chilling gothic tale revolves around a married couple and their best friend who get lost in the woods before taking shelter in a mysterious monastery. Habitually compared to Carl Theodor Dreyer and his Vampyr, Fernando de Fuentes induces a protracted sense of dread in this dream-like fable of guilt and dark desires.

La femme au couteau / The Woman with the Knife
Director: Timité Bassori
Ivory Coast, 1969, 80 min
Timité Bassori is one of the fathers of Ivorian cinema. The Woman with the Knife is his best known film – a complex account of a young unnamed intellectual returning home after a lengthy spell in Europe. Providing an incessive commentary on evolving sexual politics and the wide chasm between the Western form of modernity and African traditionalism, Bassori’s daring coup is one of the pioneering works of black African cinema. 

Gŭ lĭng jiē shàonián shārén shìjiàn / A Brighter Summer Day
Director: Edward Yang
Taiwan, 1991, 237 min
The late Taiwanese’s masterwork is an epic tale charting the descent of a head-strong teenage boy from his seemingly orderly, middle-class life to juvenile delinquency. Set in Taipei in 1959, A Brighter Summer Day is an incessive study of displacement and loss of identity; a scorching coming-of-age story set against colossal political events, all laced with the director’s signature empathy.

Nidhanaya / The Treasure
Director: Lester James Peries
Sri Lanka, 1973, 108 min
Based on a short story by renowned Sinhala writer G. B. Senanayake, The Treasure tells the story of an idle, wealthy middle-aged man who stumbles upon a map for a treasure that can only be attained by sacrificing a virgin woman. The crowning achievement of the late Lester James Peries – Sri Lanka’s most influential filmmaker – The Treasure is also the
master’s most controversial and darkest picture.

Putney Swope / Putney Swope
Director: Robert Downey Sr.
USA, 1969, 84 min
The most popular film by the rabble-rouser American cult filmmaker is an acerbic satire about a black man in an advertising agency who accidently gets elected as chairman by its white board. Made at the height of the Black Power movement, Putney Swope is a scathing attack on mainstream media’s racist treatment of African-Americans.

Queen of Diamonds / Queen of Diamonds
Director: Nina Menkes
USA, 1991, 77 min
Frequently dubbed as the “American Jeanne Dielman”, Menkes’ long-forgotten radical sophomore feature is now widely recognized as an unparalleled masterpiece of the 1990s. Comprised mostly of striking motionless shots enveloped in a plotless, fragmented narrative, Queen of Diamonds was unlike anything produced by American indie cinema at the time.

What Price Hollywood? / What Price Hollywood?
Director: George Cukor
USA, 1932, 88 min
Often misjudged as a dress rehearsal for his famed 1954 adaptation of A Star Is Born, What Price Hollywood? is a drastically different beast. Neither an outright condemnation of movie culture nor a romanticization of Tinseltown, it offers a rare, clinical look at Hollywood, rendering it as an industrial machine, a corporate juggernaut, rather than a factory of dreams.

A Woman Under the Influence / A Woman Under the Influence
Director: John Cassavetes
USA, 1974, 155 min
Cassavetes’ most storied film tells the tale of an oddball, volatile romance between a hightempered construction worker and his fragile, mentally unstable wife. A Woman Under the Influence is Cassavetes at his most emotionally naked. A brave, challenging picture of two unique souls failing to meet the oppressive demands of their class.

KVIFF Eastern Promises industry platform unveils 29 selected film projects, which will be showcased at the Works in Progress, Works in Development – Feature Launch, and First Cut+ Works in Progress online presentations. The most promising projects will receive awards in a total value of 115,000 EUR.

The showcasing of projects to industry professionals will take place online before the festival, from July 28 to August 12:
• 28. 7. Works in Development – Feature Launch
• 3. 8. First Cut+
• 10. 8. Works in Progress I
• 11. 8. Works in Progress II
• 12. 8. Works in Progress III
All showcases start at 14:00 CET. In order to attend this year’s online presentations, film industry professionals must register via this form.

For Works in Progress, a total of twelve fiction and documentary feature films in the late stage of production or post-production from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, and North Africa have been selected. The following projects will compete for prizes in a total value of 100,000 EUR:

And His Brothers (Russia, Germany, Belgium)
Aurora (Hungary)
Boney Piles (Ukraine)
Destiny (Iran)
Faggots, Friends (Poland, United Kingdom, Germany)
In the Name of the Mother and of the Father (Romania)
A Long Break (Georgia)
Lucky Girl (Ukraine)
An Owl, a Garden and the Writer (Iran)
Tina & Megi (Georgia, Germany)
Unwanted (Russia)
Victim (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany)
Details about the projects can be found here. Online presentations will take place on Tuesday, August 10, Wednesday, August 11 and Thursday, August 12, always at 14:00 CET.

Works in Development – Feature Launch is a platform organised as a collaboration between KVIFF, the MIDPOINT Institute international script development program, When East Meets West co-production market and Trieste Film Festival. The following nine projects, which have been developed within the Feature Launch program and are now looking for coproduction partners, will compete for the 10,000 EUR Development Award:

ALIYA (Israel, Russia, Poland)
Bijuterie (Lithuania, Italy)
The Bomber (Latvia)
Brothers (Montenegro)
Head Nurse (Czech Republic)
Leave the Door Open (Croatia)
No Reverse (Montenegro)
Thinking David (Czech Republic)
What It Feels Like for a Girl (Estonia)
Details about the projects here. Online presentation: Wednesday, July 28 at 14:00 CET.

First Cut+, a market support program focusing on Central and Eastern European feature films, will be showcasing eight projects that previously participated in one of the First Cut Lab editing programs:

The Hatcher (Poland)
A Hope (Turkey, Germany, Slovenia)
Metamorphoses (Serbia, Croatia)
Narcosis (Netherlands)
A Piece of Sky (Switzerland, Germany)
Power (Slovakia)
Upurga (Latvia)
Valeria Is Getting Married (Israel, Ukraine)
Details about the projects here. Online presentation: Tuesday, August 3 at 14:00 CET.

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