Click here to see the timetables for the lineups for Sónar 2023 and Sónar+D 2023. In 2023 Sónar by Day will open from 3pm to midnight and Sónar by Night from 8:30pm to 7am.  What’s new this year is that Sónar+D will open at 10am on Thursday and Friday exclusively for holders of Delegate Passes, SonarPass+D or Sónar by Day Passes.

You can now download the new Sonar App, and also listen to the official audio and visual playlists for Sónar 2023.

The Official Sónar 2023 app is now available for iOS and Android. You can use it to check the timetables for each day and stage, and find out more about all the artists and activities and when they’re playing at Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night and Sónar+D. You can also bookmark your favourite shows and activities, and set up alerts to make sure you don’t miss them.

Listen to the Official Sónar 2023 Audio Playlist here on Spotify. Over 100 tracks and 7.5 hours of music that showcase the diverse, multi-faceted lineup for Sónar’s 30th anniversary celebration

And watch the Official Sónar 2023 Video Playlist here on YouTube. Over 90 videos that include some of the most visually arresting shows at the festival this year.

You can also listen to our SonarMix podcasts here, a series of mixes commissioned by the festival featuring artists from this year’s lineup that reflect the bold, forward-thinking, and innovative spirit of Sónar. A new episode is being published each week, with mixes by Kode9, Angel Molina, Flaca, DALILA, Héctor Oaks, Parkineos, ISAbella, Manuka Honey, Lowprofile, Omagoqa and Selectya Glossy already available, plus more to come before Sónar 2023.


P e r f o r m a n c e s

2manydjs invite Peach & Tiga | Aphex Twin | Eric Prydz presents HOLO | BICEP live | Bad Gyal | Black Coffee | The Blessed Madonna | Peggy Gou | Fever Ray | Little Simz | Solomun | Richie Hawtin | Amelie Lens | Oneohtrix Point Never | Samantha Hudson presents ‘AOVE Black Label’ | Honey Dijon | Kode9 presents ‘Escapology’ | Angel Molina | Shygirl | Daito Manabe live | Alizzz ‘Club 2000’ DJ set | Âme b2b Marcel Dettmann (5h set) | Eliza Rose | 700 Bliss | Ahadadream | AINES | Albany | Amor Satyr | Ana Quiroga & Estela Oliva present ‘Azabache AV’ | Anz | Aquarian | B2BBS | Baba Sy | BADSISTA b2b Cashu | Bendik Giske | Bored Lord | Bradley Zero b2b Moxie | Cakes Da Killa | Call Super b2b Sedef Adasi | Cardopusher | Carista | Carles Viarnès & Alba G. Corral | CC:DISCO! | Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul | Chloé Caillet | CLARAGUILAR | Crystal Murray | DALILA | Deena Abdelwahed live | Desert | Dinamarca | DJ EZ | DJ Holographic b2b DJ Minx | DJ Marky & MC GQ | Erika de Casier | Flaca | GAIKA + einaidea present ‘TURBULENCE AT BLACK BAY GRENADA’ | Grievous Bodily Harmonics | Grove | Héctor Oaks presents ‘Fuego Universal’ live | Horse Meat Disco x Prosumer | Ikonika presents ‘Bubble Up’ live | ISAbella b2b Roza Terenzi | Jokkoo Collective | JOVENDELAPERLA | Kitty110 / LaBlackie / L’Beel | Klara Lewis & Nik Colk Void + Pedro Maia | Koreless | KYNE | La Niña Jacarandá | La Zowi presents ‘La Reina del Sur’ | lanav | LEÏTI | Logic1000 | Lolo & Sosaku | Lorenzo Senni | Lowprofile | Lucrecia Dalt | MANS O | Manuka Honey | Mareo: Chico Blanco b2b 8kitoo | Marina Herlop | Max Cooper live | Merca Bae presents ‘2048’ live | MikeQ | Mochakk | Musa Keys | Nene H | Nick León | Nosaj Thing + Daito Manabe present ‘Continua’ | nusar3000 | Omagoqa | Oro Jondo | Orslok | Parkineos | Perera Elsewhere | Phran presents ‘Vimana Discplay’ | Ralphie Choo | Rusowsky DJ set | Russell Haswell DJ set | Ryoji Ikeda | Sabrina Bellaouel | Santiago Latorre & Colin Self | Selectya Glossy | Sergi Botella | SHERELLE x Kode9 | Soda Plains | Sticky M.A. | Tiga b2b Cora Novoa | Toccororo | Tohji | Topanga Kiddo | Tupac Martir’s ‘Unique’ | Undo | Wata Igarashi live

M a s t e r c l a s s e s , t a l k s a n d f o r u m s

+RAIN Film Fest | Afrorack | AI & Web3 Creatives Summit | Art, Science, and Technology Forum in collaboration with HacTe | CJ Carr | Claire L. Evans presents ‘Wild Information: New Frontiers in Biocomputing’ | Digital Impact | DJing in VR presented by Pioneer DJ and Tribe XR | Domestic Data Streamers present ‘Artificial Ignorance and the Arts’ | Elijah presents ‘Yellow Squares’ | Forensic Architecture with Stefanos Levidis | In conversation: Samantha Hudson & Parafeno | In conversation: Steve Goodman (Kode9) & Moor Mother | Institut Ramon Llull presents: ‘Artists-in-Residence’ with Jokkoo Collective, Monrea and Santuri East Africa | International Symposium on Soundscape, Advanced Music and AI | Jana Winderen | Kate Darling presents ‘The Future of Human-Robot Interaction’ presented by SEIDOR | Music Innovation Forum | Music Tech Pitch session presented by Barcelona Music Tech Hub and Music Tech Europe | Plaça de Barcelona presented by Ajuntament de Barcelona | Playmodes & UPC-Telecos present ‘Astres’ | Polkadot: ‘Envisioning a collaborative future with the Sónar community’ | ‘Processing… 30 years of Sónar’ presented by ME by Meliá | Project Area | PUZZLE X presents ‘MATTER EXPRESSIONISM’ | ‘Rave, breaks y folklore desde Andalucía’ presented by DICE | Roundtable: Technology and the cultural sector | SonarMies: ‘Reprocessing… Piano + AI’ | Rhizomatiks with Daito Manabe & Yuya Hanai | Universal Everything | Weirdcore

All types of ticket are now on sale for Sónar Barcelona 2023
SonarPasses, VIP SonarPasses, Delegate Passes for Sónar+D, Sónar by Day Passes, 2 Night Tickets, and individual tickets for each by Day and by Night event are on sale now at sonar.es.

For all the information on Sónar and Sónar+D, from the full lineups to ticketing, head to the new Sónar website sonar.es.

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