Embark on a musical journey at Paradies Garten. Paradies Garten is an intimate 3-day electronic music festival taking place Aug 2/3/4 near Vienna, AT. A lush green garden surrounded by water. Enchanting music from the world’s best electronic artists and a strong community of like-minded dancers.

Amongst some of the most striking names is Dixon, the German dance music veteran from Innervisions who peaked Resident Advisor’s top 100 DJs for many years. With DJ Stingray and DJ Mell G, we have a Detroit legend and a Copenhagen icon going back-to-back for a unique electro set that spans generations. Those into more contemporary and fast-paced beats will appreciate HAAiMalugi or DJ Boring all of whom have made some serious waves in the global dance music scene in recent years.

There’s also plenty of space for local Austrian collectives and venues, like Grelle Forelle KSOT, PRST, V.IEW, Tattu Tatta Glub and AMORE AG x Straat 264 x fako5, who will all bring their resident artists for three days of ecstatic dancing at the castle.


Aimé & Flauxpas • Alex Maurer • Alice • Apua, Stipo & Sumi • ATRIP • Balearic Eric • Ben Klock • Carlos Valdes & Rumi von Baires • costaphilly & countershine • Demuja • Dixon • DJ Boring • DJ Gigola • DJ Lelo • DJ Shady MF • DJ Stingray 313 & DJ MELL G • Dream DJ Team • Dzc. • Ellen Allien • EloTrance & DJ Schnelltest • Flo Real • Gerald VDH • HAAi • HOLY LOLLY • horsegiirL • ISAbella & OK Williams • Katia Curie & Nizar Sarakbi • Malugi • MRD • NIKISS • NIKS • P. Vanillaboy & Penglord • Partiboi69 • Pau • Roderick Merkx & Reinhard Zach • S.A.M. • salute • Serafin • SIDEQUEST • Sugar Free & Fonte • Sweely • TEZIBEL • Usertaube • Wolfram • Young Marco • Zouzibabe

Located in an idyllic castle park, long since forgotten by the outside world, lies a lush garden surrounded by unique nature. As we navigate through the park, by derelict buildings and relics of the past, towards an abandoned castle, our curiosity grows and the dissonance of real life fades into the night.

Harrachpark, Schloss Prugg, 2460 Bruck/Leitha

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Mark down Saturday May 25 in your calendars. After an unbelievable success last year, Paradies Garten is landing at Grelle Forelle once again for a celebration with high spirits, loud music and like-minded souls. We’re especially happy to invite one of the most exciting names in the global underground of the moment: u.r.trax.

Nothing but friends and family – are you in? Get your tickets as fast as you can, limited Early Birds are available now.

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