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Noisecut and Nora Ibsenová banded together to play the song Mariana at 10th anniversary of Radio Head Awards. Right after the event the magazine Týždeň described it as the most beautiful moment of the whole evening. Michal Kaščák was of the same opinion and he immediately went to persuade them to repeat it at this year’s Pohoda. Songs which were never played live and also newer versions of their older song will be heard. The indie-rock band Billy Barman never made any secret of their liking for folklore. This time it was not only about inspiration and motives but they borrowed a distinctive folklore element in the form of excellent SĽUK singers for the stage as well. Unusual combination worked perfectly which was demonstrated by a hopelessly sold-out concert in Bratislava. Katarzia (Antigona project) was created for the purpose of Antigona, a production of The Slovak National Theatre. The singer worked together with the producer Jonatán Pastirčák. This time she exchanged the guitar for a computer and music effects boxes, by the help of which Jonatán excellently accentuated the power of exceptionally actual lyrics.

In October it will be 100 years from the union of Czechia and Slovakia, and although we have been existing in independent countries for a quarter century, the cultural sharing and cooperation of artists were not interrupted by the borders. At Pohoda we will be reminded of this anniversary by a concert of The Czechoslovak Philharmonic, a unique connection of the philharmonics of both countries. The concert will commemorate Marián Varga. The legendary band Collegium Musicum will join the orchestra to play his Musica Concertante. The Czech work will be represented by the pieces of Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana. The Slovak Chamber Orchestra, under the leadership of Edwald Danela, will play the Biblical songs by Antonín Dvořák and other pieces. Many choirs from the whole Slovakia will join them in an untraditional way. The concert will open the 22nd year of Pohoda and will be dedicated to Ján Kuciak and hic fiancé Martina Kušnírová. 

Košice based band Puding Pani Elvisovej will also play at Pohoda. In 2015 they released their newest album up to now, Tektonická platňa, and last year they recorded a new song called “Pod paplón”. They are currently on an intensive concert tour in Slovakia and Czechia and at 22nd Pohoda you can yet again see why they have three “radioheads” for the best concert band.



The events in our Club will be opened by Polish Coals who will be followed by an experimental duo Jack Jack. Afterwards, as a part of Goethe-Nacht, great names of alternative German scene will be introduced – DŌMU, Byetone, the band Cuntroaches and an acid techno live-act The Exaltics. Friday, curated by Martin Kaščák, will be closed by the local producers Kabal and Achab. It was Kabal together with Jonatán Pastirčák who created varied programme for Saturday. BZLGR, Coucou Chloe and Ross From Friends from Britain, French rapper KillASon, Gosheven from Hungary, home mentalists 0n0, Ink Midget and Italian-Slovak project Unprofessional + Palmovka will perform as a part of the programme.


The victory at European Festival Awards in the category Green Operations leads us to react by further eco-news. A temporary charging station will be installed in the parking lot for the owners of electric cars. We will increase the proportion of energy taken from the landline network thanks to the extension of the temporary points of supply. We will entirely eliminate disposable plastic cups at the festival and we will do so by offering popular reusable cups also in the versions for drinks served in smaller amounts (lemonade, wine, sparkling wine).

The biggest change will be in handling the waste. Except of the increased number of posts with rubbish bins, collection point will be added. The trash will be separated there by trained personnel. Bio trash, including the dishes and cutlery from biodegradable material will be subsequently processed right at the place. The Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava collaborates with us on this project. As a part of their semestral project, the students of the faculty gained 180 volunteers – FSESeparators – for the collections points at Pohoda 2018. Thanks to the quality improvement of the separation process, a part of waste will become a raw material, by which we minimize the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. To fulfil this goal we inevitably need the help of the most important ones – our attenders.


We started to sell the tickets as a part of Pohoda suburban transportation to Trenčianske Teplice.  A bus will take those interested up to the entrance for pedestrians (GATE B) every festival day. After the programme at the main stages is over, they will be transported back right from the front of the main stage. We will again dispatch a festival express train from two biggest cities, Bratislava and Košice. The sale of the tickets for these trains will start tomorrow (Thursday May 17th).


Pohoda adds a profile on another social network – we are opening a community in messenger Viber. Except for news, interesting facts and competitions you can also get a pack of “Pohoda” stickers for 2018 that can be used to communicate with your friends. Many of them contain abbreviations of the festival itself as, for example, the meeting points or the emoticons expressing the satisfaction with the concert and so on.

A novelty in the field of communication is also a rewarding system for our regular attenders who spread the good name of the festival and they are often the reason why their friends attend the festival for the first time. We can reward them from now on thanks to the Pohoda Ambassador Programme. Every ambassador has their own code and profile assigned at our webpage. An ambassador can exchange the obtained “sunflowers” in our shop for rewards such as socks, t-shirts and Pohoda tickets.


A big change will take please in the heart of our site where we are not able to plant the flower meadow due to further development of the airport. However, we think that flowers are an inseparable part of the festival. That is one of the reasons we started with the initiative Pohoda F(Lovers). We asked our attenders to bring their own flowers to the airport. Sunflowers were also planted in our office by the authors of the idea, Michal Sládek and Monika Matiašovská. Everybody can share their plant growing success with us in the event Pohoda F(Lovers).

After yesterday’s meeting of the committee of Pohoda Visual Art Contest we know the winning projects. The first is the work Ján and Martina at Pohoda who were attenders of our festivals. The installations will map their (non)presence at the festival. The second one is Good Feelings (with the subheading kindergarten). The kindergarten is a drawn structure of lines and numbers that you have to jump through on one foot in order to reach the finish line. The usual number of parts of the playing field 8 – 12 will be expanded to more than 9000 at Pohoda, which is the whole area of the concrete surface of the festival that will be used for the kindergarten.


The opening day of 22nd Pohoda will belong to the legends, when Ziggy Marley and Chemical Brothers will perform on the main stage. On another stage home band Polemic will celebrate their 30 years of playing; Billy Barman and the girls from SĽUK will perform there as well. On Friday, it will be the turn of the virtuosos– the popularizer of jazz Jamie Cullum and the eccentric singer and guitarist St. Vincent. Except for them the incoming generation of the island guitar music Glass Animals and Blossoms will play on the main stage. A strong representation of the islands will be completed by Jessie Ware, Ride and Fink. Friday will also belong to the Norwegian singer with an ethereal voice Aurora, American reggae stars SOJA, rapper Danny Brown and fans of electronic music will be pleased by the performance of Helena Hauff in the biggest tent.

On Saturday, the American stars with their incredible stories will take control of the big stages – Rodriguez, the singer-songwriter of the Academy Award-winning document Searching for Sugarman and a singer with an unmistakable voice LP. Except for them one of the most famous present-day Swedish bands – Little Dragons – will play as well or the band Everything Everything (right now nominated in two categories for Ivor Novello Awards). International dramaturgy is completed by German Bukahara, Birton Charlie Winston, American Calexico, Icelandic band Gus Gus and also by our home star Jana Kirschner with string quartet. On Saturday, a particularly powerful programme is prepared for the festival amphitheatre where perhaps the most famous string quartet in the world, Kronos Quartet, will perform. The combination of afrobeat and free-jazz will be performed by tUnE-yArDs and a darker concert will be offered by Zeal & Ardor. The House of Dance will be moved by Sophie, Onuka, La Femme and rap by the bands Dälek, Reykjavikurdaetur or the local legend Trosky.

Currently there are almost 100 names form 25 countries confirmed; many more will be added. Very soon we will announce news regarding Visual Stage, Family Park, debating tents, theatre, dance, as well as the comfort and services of Pohoda 2018.

Until then you can get the idea of its atmosphere by watching the aftermovie!

…or by watching Documentary Pohoda 2017 of the director Lucia Kašová:


Viber joins Pohoda Festival to launch its first partnership in Slovakia –
Fans can enjoy rich content on Pohoda Festival Official Community as well as fun stickers !

Viber has teamed up with Pohoda festival to announce its first partnership in Slovakia. Pohoda festival has set up its own public account, the Pohoda Festival Official Community, within the messaging app as its new channel to communicate with fans and provide them with rich and interesting content. The beloved music festival has started the communication with the Community by running a photo competition to win great prizes, amongst them also tickets to the festival. The competition drew a lot of interest with hundreds of people submitting their best photos from Pohoda Festival last year and the Community is picking up new fans every day. Viber Communities, Stickers and Chatbots are a popular tool for communication with fan used by many leading festivals in the region with Pohoda Festival being the latest one to join in.

“While creating the Viber Stickers and content for the community we had to reflect about what drives our festival goers, what kind of sentences are our audience using linked to Pohoda and which can we all use in everyday life as well. We created a together with our graphic designers Milk studio and Viber a stickerpack including: ‘Pod’me na jedno’, a smiling sunflower or ‘Pohoda je Láska‘ (Pohoda is love) – stickers. Partnering up with Viber gives us the chance to taste and test a new way to communicate and connect to our audience. We are already a big fan of the stickers & community and we trust that our audience will love them too.” – Suzanne Verschueren, International PR manager Pohoda Festival.

“We are pleased that we can welcome Pohoda festival as our first partner in the local market and introduce the full portfolio of service that our platform offers. As Slovak users belong to the most active ones in the region, we believe that this partnership will help us address even more users and partners and increase the popularity of Viber messaging app in Slovakia,” said Daniela Ivanova, Business Development Manager, Viber CEE.

Viber is famous for its stickers all over the world, allowing millions of people to express feelings and emotions in a fun visual way. Over 40 billion stickers have been sent globally in 2017 which shows just how popular they are with users. Pohoda Festival has created its own sticker pack which features 16 fun stickers designed to be loved by festival fans. Festival fans can express themselves with this exclusive sticker pack and share them with their friends for even more fun. The stickers are ready in Slovak, English and Czech to cater to the main audience from Slovakia but also many festival goers from the Czech Republic and elsewhere. The stickers subscribe every person who downloads them for the Chat Bot, with clickers leading to the Festival Community. The Chat Bot provides the fans with even more rich and exciting content and answer their questions about the festival.

About Rakuten Viber

At Rakuten Viber, we connect people—no matter who they are, or where they are from. Our more than 1 billion users worldwide get access to a range of features like one-on-one chats, video calls, groups messaging or updates and discussions with their favorite brands and celebrities. We offer users all the tools to express themselves securely. Viber is part of the Rakuten Group, a world leader in ecommerce and financial services. Join Viber today and enjoy the world’s best communication experience.

About Pohoda Festival

Pohoda Festival is characterized by its values of friendliness, hospitality, sharing, and tolerance. All of this without forgetting its unwavering commitment to quality service. The philosophy of the festival is to welcome the public the same way as we would welcome a friend to our home. This approach led to seven nominations in the European Festival awards and win of the Green Operations Award. We were listed in the TOP 10 festival picks by media as The Guardian, Metro or The Telegraph lately. Pohoda has a major festival line-up with a boutique festival vibe for a fraction of the regular ticket price. The festival is located 2 hours away by car or train from the capital city of Slovakia – Bratislava and 3 hours from Vienna. The festival location is under an ancient castle on a converted air force runway.

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