Paradies Garten Festival is an intimate 3 day electronic music festival experience, taking place on 5, 6, 7 August, 2022 in Schloss Prugg – Bruck an der Leitha, close to Vienna.

Spring is here and we are counting the days until we finally meet for the first edition of Paradies Garten. Set in a gorgeous location right outside of Vienna and surrounded by nature we will enjoy our time in paradise. We have a lot planned to make those summer days unforgettable.

Can you hear the music in the distance? The time for celebration, friendship and euphoria is near. Together, we’ll create new memories and share unforgettable moments, soundtracked by a cutting-edge and diverse line-up of international and local artists. Escape the rat race, unwind your mind, and let the good times roll – it’s a party and everyone’s invited.

Spread across three stages and three days, we are proud to present our new and exciting names on our diverse lineup! In alphabetical order:

This diverse list contains an extraordinary balanced selection through the entire electronic music spectrum which include: Âme, Axel Boman, DJ Koze, Jayda G, Job Jobse, KI/KI, Merve, Ogazón, Paula Tape, Saoirse, Sedef Adasi and many more.

Most notably we are thrilled that DJ Koze is finally returning to Austria after a long hiatus and will illuminate our main stage on Sunday right before Âme will play a closing set to remember. KI/KI, one of the fastest rising talents out of the ever-fertile Amsterdam scene, Job Jobse and Saorsie will charge the stage of GAZE with some extra energy. If your soul longs for some funk, soul, disco & house – Jayda G and CC:Disco! will make sure that all your needs are met on the Manifest Stage on Sunday.

Check out the complete Line-up and who plays on which day here.

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We are optimists, and we think the future is bright. Therefore, we need to take sustainability seriously, knowing that any gathering of a large number of people has a potential negative impact on air, soil, water, resources and people. That’s why Paradies Garten, inspired by it’s sibling Paradise City in Belgium, works with a strict environmental policy. Our partner festival got selected as one of the greenest festivals in the world by A Greener Festival! With their experience and support we strive to achieve the highest standards when it comes to hosting a green festival.

As stated, we are optimists but we are not perfect by any means. We will aim to to better year after year and we invite you on our journey to becoming Austria’s greenest music festival!

Here are some measures we will take to ensure our environmental impact is as low as possible.

Transport: Our festival site is easily reachable by train and just a 30min ride away from Viennas Hauptbahnhof. If arriving by car is your only possibility we will incentivize carpooling to make sure you spend your CO2 emissions wisely. 

We are hosting a festival with local and international acts. And let’s be honest, there will be a number of flights taken to get our international favorites on stage. To also bring a change to the festival and booking culture we will check with every act if traveling by train is possible.

Food: Because of meat’s high environmental impact, we propose a large range of vegetarian meals and commit to a 100% meatless festival. 

Energy: Good sound systems and lighting need juice. Green energy lowers the impact of lighting & music. We encourage everyone involved in the festival to be aware of how much energy they use, while measuring, monitoring and reporting each year on energy usage. We will try as best as we can to power up or festival only by renewable energy.

Water: Access to clean drinking water is a human right and Austria has plenty of the world’s best water. There will be no bottled water sold at Paradiesgarten festival. Instead you will find free water stands where you can get hydrated without unnecessary waste. 

you can find our detailed 10 step plan to a greener festival here.

Paradies Garten Festival 2022
Schloss Prugg
2460 Bruck an der Leitha

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