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RESET Events & Black Star Entertainment haben diesen Samstag Terence Fixmer aus Frankreich für ein LIVE-Techno-Special in Die Kantine nach Wien gebracht.

151127_fixmer_logoTerence Fixmer is one of France’s most treasured protagonists. Respected by his peers and adored by his fans, he is equally at ease in both club and festival settings, capable of traversing the gamut of electronic genres from electro, industrial and EBM to techno in its purest form.

Since debuting on DJ Hell’s now seminal International Deejay Gigolo Records back in 1998, Fixmer has consistently explored and redefined the boundaries of modern techno, developing a distinct and fiercely original style along the way. His first album for Gigolo, ‘Muscle Machine’ (1999), the seminal “Muscle Machine”single-handedly spearheading a new style, “Techno Body Music”
lit the way for a new take on more dancefloor-focused EBM music, coined “techno body music”, which he would continue to explore on follow-up records for Gigolo as well as Novamute, Datapunk, Music Man and Dave Clarke’s label White Noise.

In 2003 he teamed up with Nitzer Ebb vocalist, Douglas McCarthy, to form Fixmer / McCarthy. A partnership that has resulted in two full-length albums, ‘Between The Devil’ (2004) and ‘Into The Night’ (2008) , and a series of EPs for his own Planete Rouge Records.
The duo have performed their energetic live sets at renowned clubs and festivals all across the globe, simultaneously mining the brutality of techno body music and the sensuality of pop to create truly pioneering sound fusions.

In 2011 Fixmer reactivated the label with a string of EPs from Emmanuel Top. Newcomers Alexey Volkov and Hubot have since graced the label, with further releases pegged from Fixmer . But it is with Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe stable that Fixmer has lately been reinventing himself once again.

Landing on the label early on with ‘Machine’ at that start of 2009, he has since put out a series of diverse EPs, moving away from his EBM heritage to explore deep and dubbier climes. In 2010 he released his fourth LP, ‘Comedy of Menace’, a true techno album composed from dark atmospheres and hypnotic energy, received to critical acclaim.
Releases on Prologue, Turbo, and CLR have since followed, proving Fixmer’s continued relevance and restless aversion to a singular sound.
Meanwhile his records have featured on many notable mixes, including Agoria’s Fabric 57 CD and Ben Klock’s latest compilation for the London institution, as well as podcast from luminaries like Juan Atkins, Laurent Garnier, Tiga and Jon Hopkins.

With a fifth full length in the pipeline, Fixmer is showing no signs of slowing down. He is a true innovator who shall remain at the forefront, and a firm favourite of producers, DJs and music lovers from all generations.

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hennesy.cc war vor Ort und hat als einzige Media-Plattform ein Interview gemacht.

How was your experience tonight with the crowd in Vienna?
Yeah, it was fun, it was kind of familiar. I am always happy to come here in Austria because I like the people here, so it’s a pleasure.

What’s the difference for you to play in a club or on a festival? How do you decide where you play, what do you like best?
I like festivals because as an artist you meet a lot of friends and artists who play there. So that’s the good point because it’s more like „Ah, I am happy to see you again!“, but me personally I prefer clubs because you are nearer to the crowd and have a better, warmer feeling.
At a festival you have of course a lot of energy from the crowd but at some point it’s more distant.

How do you get your influences to create your tracks?
Oh, I don’t know, I just love Techno since the beginning so now it has been some years, before this I listened to a lot of EBM, New Wave and other Techno music. So I take everything together and this is my influence.

How satisfied are you with your label Planete Rouge, how is it going to develop in the future?
Planete Rouge is not a label of big marketing or big business, just really a label that allows an artistic way of making me happy to make some tracks from time to time. It’s not a big focus but it’s still there since 1998.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I mean I play mainly live so the more I like to use some machine drum and everything but at home I have different machines, some hardware and at the moment – I know it’s a bit trendy – but I have a lot of fun with Eurorack system and everything like that.

When is the next release coming out?
I just have lately the Aktion Mekanik Theme Versions on Ostgut Ton and the release The Taut Wire EP now coming out on Jealous God and I work for Planete Rouge and some other things like my other project Fixmer/Mccarthy as well. (Terence Fixmer + Douglas Mccarthyy (Nitzer Ebb lead singer))

151127_fixmer_interviewUnser hennesy.cc-Redakteur mit Terence Fixmer.

About Reset Vienna:

RESET Vienna is a pure, high grade, techno experience presented by RESET Events, the joint venture between Carpe Noctem Productions (Paris) and Black Star Entertainment (BSE), a new promoter on the Vienna techno scene. „For our RESET events globally we never compromise regarding the importance of staying true to a deep level of techno music. This is evident in the quality of bookings that we make, such as, Paul Ritch ‚live‘, Adam Beyer, Monoloc, Terence Fixmer with his new ‚live‘ show, and soon to close out the year, Marc Houle ‚live‘. In 2016 we have an exciting roster to back up our strategic intent, which is to provide the best ‚real‘ techno music in Vienna and any other city we are present in, on any given night that we have an event. 2016 will also see the emergence of the A&R and Booking agency divisions of BSE. Our aim is to breath new life and be a fresh and distinctive presence on the Vienna techno scene. Our operating model favours partnerships and we hope to be able to work with other promoters to put the music first before the commerce… to make the priority giving our event attendants the best music and experience possible.“ – Edmund Assibi (Founder/Managing Director – Black Star Entertainment GmbH, Wien)

Interview by hennesy.cc

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