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The iconic Ibizan brand will land at the IFEMA MADRID on Friday, May 12. Peggy Gou, PAWSA, the Dutch duo ANOTR, Skream, Desirée and Tania Vulcano form the line-up of what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable date for any electronic music lover.

The world’s most renowned event is coming to the Spanish capital. The history of clubbing changed forever in 1999 with the first CIRCOLOCO in DC-10. An absolute symbol of the underground, this iconic brand from Ibiza has one of the strongest reputations in the industry thanks to an unrivaled legacy whose roots stretch all over the world. Its next stop is Madrid, specifically in hall 3 of IFEMAMADRID, on Friday, May 12.

It’s a marathon day that will be led by its defense of the old-school character; its raw passion for dance music without additives. It promises an alternative, powerful and innovative sound with an overwhelming party spirit and an incredible line-up. For this very special event, CIRCOLOCO didn’t want to leave anything to chance and will feature the most influential artists of the moment: Peggy Gou, PAWSA, ANOTR, Skream, Desirée and Tania Vulcano.

Peggy Gou is one of the essential artists on the current global music scene. Her characteristic style that dances between Detroit, London and Berlin stands out, especially for its development of effective compositions. Attending one of her DJ sets is witnessing how creativity challenges house and techno.

PAWSA is a vital figure in the contemporary music industry. He is known for his signature sound – inventive tech house with an old school vibe – made specially for the dance-floor. His sets are meticulously crafted and brimming with atmosphere, earning him a reputation as a master curator. With his music speaking for itself, PAWSA is a true force to be reckoned with.

The Dutch ANOTR have entered the scene with force. This duo, despite their youth, has worked tirelessly to achieve the perfection that characterizes them today. That impossible balance of original sound, energy, innovation and talent to take on the world.

Skream is widely recognized for his influential role in shaping the dubstep genre, and he has achieved a career that many dream of. His passion and enthusiasm for electronic music remain as strong as ever, currently exploring a diverse range of genres from disco to house and techno, his name has become synonymous with producing and DJing the highest quality music.

Desirée is an artist who fearlessly embraces change and defies stereotypes. Her musical style defies categorization, spanning across a wide spectrum of genres including breaks, electro, house, and techno. Her natural habitat is characterized by dynamic and fleeting melodies, and her sets radiate pure energy.

And Tania Vulcano is the undisputed first lady of CIRCOLOCO and queen of DC-10. The artist, who was there when it all started, did her bit to promote this unprecedented underground movement. So much so that her sound today is the best emblem and hallmark of the brand.

Don’t miss out – this event promises to be one of those that you’ll remember forever! Tickets Here!

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