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It’s Pride Month! And in celebration, Milkshake  festival, the world’s most open-minded music festival taking place in Amsterdam on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July, have revealed some more weird and wonderful festival happenings to get you in the mood.

Now in its sixth year, Milkshake is a true celebration of diversity and freedom of expression, created from the thought that ‘nothing should be mandatory and anything is possible’. Here’s 10 reasons why this year’s event is not to be missed!

1 .Village People

The legendary American disco group, Village People whose hits include ‘Macho Man’, ‘In the Navy’ and ‘YMCA’, have been on the music scene for nearly 40 years. They are set to perform on the main stage in what promises to be one of the most talked about festival moments of the summer.

2. A stage dedicated to Wham! In honour of George Michael  

Let Milkshake take you to the place, where membership’s a smiling face and there’s definitely enough fun and sunshine for everyone! ‘Wham’bam Thank You Ma’am’ is an entire stage stage dedicated to Wham!, in honour of George Michael. It’s like all your last Christmases have come at once!

3. Equality

Milkshake puts gender equality issues front and centre and over 50% of the artists on the lineup are female, a rare thing in the world of music festivals!

4. Miss Kittin

A set from one of electronic music’s most revered artists Miss Kittin is always going to be special! Expect lots of sass and bags of sexiness with a side helping of the sly wit and wordplay that made her famous as she treats Milkshake festival to two intoxicating performances across the weekend.

5. Be Reborn…

This year year at Milkshake the festival will include a womb-square as an ode to the woman. Details are still under-wraps but festival goers will be given the chance to be ‘re-born’! Never forget where you come from…

6. Erwin Olaf

Dutch artist and photographer Erwin Olaf brings Carnival to the Westerpark in 2017,  telling a story through performances, light and music, with shows by De Deurzakkers, Willie Wartaal and more..

7. Transformer

Transformer by dutch DJ Joost van Bellen and Zu Browka International are present for the second time. Transformer is about the transformation in many different forms, from falling in love to the transgender community and this is celebrated.

8. If you go down in the woods today

The ‘Bear Village’ hosted by Dutch club night ‘Bear- Necessity’ will allow you to get up close and personal with bears and take part in activities across the weekend.

9. Get your Vogue on

Follow the yellow brick road as House of Vineyard, vanguards of the Vogue/Waacking scene in the Netherlands, take you on a journey through the enchanted Emerald City of butch queens, vogue beats and performances that will leave you finger snappin‘ and heel clickin! Choose your category and walk for your 10s or simply join the crowd to enjoy a Vogueing competition like no other!

10. The anything goes atmosphere

Whether it’s making your own dildo, taking part in an impromptu theatre performance, playing bingo with a celebrity or trying your hand at riding the onsite rodeo penis for charity, Milkshake is a festival like no other! With an anything goes approach where nothing is mandatory but anything is possible and surprises are around every corner… Milkshake needs to be seen to be believed!

Milkshake takes place from 29 – 30 July 2017. Book your Milkshake Weekender Ticket from € 79.50 EUR at  milkshakefestival.com.

F u l l   l i n e – u p   b y   s t a g e : 

Saturday 29 July

Erwin Olaf: Grumpy Old Men, Sofia Valentine, Willie Wartaal, De Deurzakkers, Bramsterdam & Big General, Victor Coral, Mason

Transformer: Zu Browka, Wannabe a Star, Riptide B2B Sjamsoedin, JD Samson, Joost Van Bellen, Riton, Miss Kittin B2B Djedjotronic, Bas Kosters

Vieze Poezendek: Yarrr, His&hers, Fab X Paans, Jay Boogie, Kleine Kim & D-Luzion, Covergirl Sunny, Phalerieau & MC Alainde Lon, Rachel Green, JNM The Naked MC

NOW&WOW: Nala, Prins Escort, Jeff Solo & Moody Mehran, Pop on Acid, Karim Soliman, Ben Fresh, Boris Ross, Modular DJ’s, Carlos Valdes, MC Ted Langenbach

House of Vineyard: Rob Manga, Lucy Liu Ninja, MC Makaba Garcon, Leiomy Amazon, Jamal Milan, La Fujiko Ninja  

Wut?Club: Jonathan Bestley, Digb¥, Glynfamous, Coco Cole, Girli, Nimmo, Attachattackattack, Heidi, Absolut., Larry Tee, Wax Wings, Jack Irving Installation

Less Drama More Techno: Sylvin Wood, Lylou Dallas, Anhy & Hig Low, Ben Manson & Rony Golding

Whambam Thankyou Ma’amm: Mad(onna)Men, Lady Michel, Partytrashers. Alex Kaseta (Bowie Tribute), Amrick Channa, Dr John Danserette, Roog (Prince Tribute), The G-Team & MC Divine, Miss Bunty

De Drut: 4Play & Linx, Handjob, RZS, Meneer Van Bemmel, CKDERK, Jaded, JXSSX, Mr. Blaauw


S u n d a y   3 0   J u l y :

Supertoys: Discosmack, Valentijn De Hingh, Dopplegang, Larry Tee, Jodie Harsh, Village People, Joost Van Bellen, MC Monsieur Plastique, Osie Square

Pakhaus Berlin: The Mountain, Deepneue, Andrea Cichecki, Laurent Ho, JD Samson, Kim Ann Foxman, Miss Kittin, Carlos & Sandrien

Vieze Poezendek: Bush Bush, Koen Kardashian, Jasmine Perez, Fata Boom, Christal Empire, Rica Shay, Emanuelle Vos, Mitchel Kelly, FS Green & MC Fit, MC Anne Faye

Liberated: Nicky Nicole, Liberated Sound System, Morriz, Roog, Ben Manson, Remon Lacroix, Benny Rodrigues

Damage By Mister B.: Jordan Rag, Adam Turner, William Sizen Bell, Chris Bekker

Sexy Party: Kenne Perry, D’Alessandro, Alexio, Asaf Dolev, Phil Romano

This Is How We Drag Galore: Diederella, Loes Poeder

Totally Female: Charlie, Shug la Sheedah, Sjeazy Pearl, Femme Tastic, Alex Sinclar, Percussionist Ceciel Moyano, JNM the Naked MC, Nina

Gaybar: Leather E, J-Ti, Venderstrooik, Spacemaker, Mima

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